Way Of Life Change At Anemia

Anemia is a disease which requires general way of life from the patient. The following has to become the basic rules of a new daily routine.

1. Proper rest. Rest leads to decrease of need of human organism in oxygen, and also reduces a load on heart and lungs.  People suffering of anemia, should have proper night rest and besides should sleep a couple of hours within a day.

2. Be careful of overcooling and overheating. People with anemia have a bad blood circulation.

3. Watch closely for oral cavity and lips. At anemia patients often have damages and wounds in these areas (for example, angular cheilosis). Use proper creams and hygienic lipsticks.

4. Daily use of natural iron. No synthetic and chemical compounds containing iron can replace natural iron. Eat as much as possible raw products rich with iron.

5. Short cold douche. Сold as well as physical exercises, stimulates bone stock to develop red corpuscles. Water shouldn’t be iced, choose a suitable for you temperature within 10-17 degrees. If this way is unacceptable for you try attrition with cold mittens. For this purpose before skin attrition dip mittens into cold water.

6. Food is recommended to be cooked in iron crockery, so micro particles of iron can get into food.

7. Preference should be given to daily use of water from wells as it is richer with iron than usual tap water. The periodic use of mineral water enriched with iron is welcomed.

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