Treatment Of Anemia With Traditional Medicine

The agents rich with iron or promoting its best absorption are found in traditional medicine on the basis of practical experience long ago. Some vitamins are useful at anemia which is not connected with of iron deficiency.

At anemia it is recommended to drink stewed carrot juice, beet and black radish juice. It is necessary to take for half of glass of juice of all listed vegetables, to pour in pottery and to place in slightly warmed oven for one hour, then juice will be ready. Stewed juice of vegetables needs to be drunk three times a day for two tablespoons, it is best of all in 20 minutes before meals. Duration of treatment course is two-three months.

At anemia traditional medicine advises to include apples, walnuts, buckwheat cereal, pomegranate juice in a ration.

The larger advantage is noted at anemia of the following mixture of freshly squeezed juice: 200 ml of garnet juice, for 100 ml lemon, apple and carrot. Add 70 grams of fresh honey. Having mixed all ingredients, place it into refrigerator in corked ware. Two tablespoons take three times a day. Before use it is necessary to warm up a little.

Apples contain a lot of iron. At iron deficiency anemia it is recommended to cut six larger green apples mix with 400 grams of axunge. This mass is placed into oven. 12 yolks of eggs mash with glass of sugar, add 400 grams of crushed chocolate. Admix two compounds and pass through a sieve. Received sandwiches are eaten with hot milk when felt like. The increase in weight in a week on 1-1.5 kg is possible.

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