Treatment of Anemia With Herbs

Traditional medicine within centuries developed effective recipes for treatment of anemia.

It is possible to increase hemoglobin with following way: to mix one part of onions juice and three parts of aloe juice (century plant). It is necessary to store medicine in refrigerator, take it for 2-3 times a day with tablespoons.

Apply stinging nettle for treatment of anemia. One tablespoon of crushed dry leaves is filled in with a glass of boiling water. Within an hour brew in the closed ware then filter. Take one tablespoon three times per day better for half an hour before meals. Also juice of young leaves and flowers of nettle helps. They are passed via the meat grinder; juice is pressed out through gauze. Drink one tablespoon of juice three times a day. It is admitted to store it in refrigerator about three days.

Treatment with marshmallow is recommended. 100 grams of dry roots or fruits of plant grind into powder and stir in a glass of fresh sheep milk. Once a day take a half of teaspoon of mixture it is possible with honey till state improves.

The sake of carrots and carrot juice is noted. A half-glass of fresh juice admix with half a glass of boiling milk, drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Aloe is also applied in combination with lemon. Pass one lemon and five large leaves of century plant kept for three days in the freezer through meat grinder. Mix this mass with a glass of liquid honey. Three times a day take one tablespoon within one-three months.

Dog rose also helps well at anemia. 5 tablespoons of dried crushed fruits fill in with liter of water in the enameled ware, boil 10 minutes on weak fire. Then the pan is wrapped up and left for night. Drink medicine like tea at any time.

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