Symptoms Of Anemia

Anemia is typically a secondary disease and receives its development against other diseases. Therefore, the symptoms of anemia, one way or another, often intertwined symptoms of other diseases.
Common manifestations of anemia include: fatigue, weakness, dizziness, lowering of efficiency, impaired concentration, tinnitus. Sometimes patients the dull pain in my heart, heart palpitations. Shortness of breath may occur with little physical exertion. Sometimes the changes are and the appetite of the patient.

These symptoms are caused by oxygen starvation of the tissues of the brain and other organs.
When anemia in humans, there is increased skin paleness, yellowness sometimes, rapid pulse.
In children, anemia is accompanied by loss of appetite, weight loss. In adults, this symptom may not occur.
Young children (up to 1 year), anemic showing delay in physical development. So, they later begin to hold his head, sitting and walking.
At older ages, the children marked hair loss, dullness of their color, the presence of fragile and brittle nails. They may be irritable and emotionally unstable.
In severe degree of anemia in the patient may experience an increase in liver and spleen, to malfunction of these organs. Appears abnormal predisposition to infectious diseases of the respiratory organs, with a possible transition them into the chronic stage.
When mild anemia number of these symptoms may be absent.

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