Prophylaxis Of Anemia

The healthy nutrition is extremely important for the prevention of anemia. As a rule, the diet is important and treatment of already arisen anemia. In vegetarians anemia connected to deficiency of B12 vitamin, important for formation of red blood cells, often develops. Vitamin is contained only in animal products – meat, fish, egg yolks, milk. But at shortage in a ration of vegetables there is a folic deficiency anemia. Folic Acid is contained in vegetable products. The ration has to be balanced.

But more often the anemia develops at iron deficiency. Need for iron is the highest in children and teenagers during rapid growth, and in pregnant women. If the woman often gives birth to children (breaks less than two years), iron reserves in her are exhausted.

Men have anemia less often. The excessive consumption of iron is caused in them by serious exercise stresses, illnesses, injuries, stress, overwork. At larger exercise stresses it is recommended to use products rich with iron – beef, liver and other offal, mushrooms, egg yolks, porridge, buckwheat, peas, soybeans, spinach, sorrel, apples, green lettuce leaves, beet, cabbage, carrots, garden radish, dried grapes and apricots, fig, prunes, citrus, cocoa, nuts. But iron is poorly acquired from fish and veal.

Women during menses are recommended to take ferriferous medicines.

It is better to select a diet individually with the help of professional dietarian. Perhaps, it will be required to treat at first if blood tests show that anemia has already developed.

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