Pernicious anemia

Pernicious anemia is a shortage of the B12 vitamins or folic acid important for hemopoiesis. Anemia develops slowly, the patient complains of weakness, fatigability, dyspnea, frequent heartbeat at loads, giddiness.

At the evident anemia cutaneous covering are pale and icteric. Some patients are disturbed by pain in tongue, swallowing disorder. It is connected to glossitis (tongue inflammation). Spleen, sometimes liver are enlarged. The nervous system is affected, sensitivity disfunction, there is a constant pain in extremities, similar to pricking. There is an acute muscular weakness due to what there is gait dysfunction, muscles can atrophy.

If not to treat a disease the spinal cord is affected. Symmetrically the lower extremities are affected, superficial and painful sensitivity in them is broken. The lesion gradually extends up on stomach. The hearing and sense of smell are broken, visual and auditory hallucinations, delirium, memory disturbances are possible. In severe cases exhaustion, paralysis of feet is observed.

Pernicious more often anemia develops at affected absorption of vitamins. Deficiency of vitamins in food at vegetarianism and alcoholism can become the course of disease. Anemia quite often develops in pregnant women, nursing mothers suffering from psoriasis people. In suckling on artificial feeding pernicious anemia arises at using goat milk instead of cow.

For treatment it is necessary to balance nutrition. Carry out intravenous injection of B12 vitamin. Depending on severity of anemia the course of treatment lasts month or more. It isn’t necessary to prescribe iron medicines.

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