Anemia At General Diseases

Anemia at the patients suffering from systemic illnesses of a connecting tissue arises for cause of disorders of erythropoietin synthesis, deficiency of iron owing to blood loss from stomach ulcers developing at long reception of anti-inflammatory drugs, deficiency of B12 vitamin caused by atrophic gastritis at which formation of enzymes and acid in stomach is reduced.

The pseudo-rheumatism is followed by anemia in half of cases, including iron deficiency anemia is observed at 25% of patients. The substances discharged to blood from inflammatory centers lower the content of iron in blood. At absence of symptoms of iron deficiency and autoimmune anemia the content of erythropoietin is investigated.

The iron deficiency anemia is cured with iron medicines. Anyway anemia is necessary to be treated together with basic disease of connecting tissue. Glucocorticoid hormones are prescribed at autoimmune anemia, Sometimes spleen is removed, medicines of B12 vitamin, folic acid.

At chronic cirrhosis or hepatitis such factors as a hemorrhage from expanded veins of the lower part of an esophagus and a stomach lead to anemia – an iron deficiency anemia develops. Shortage of folic acid at certain patients is possible, whereas on the contrary, B12 vitamin level is increased at the expense of substance exit from liver cells.

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