Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia

Folic acid deficiency anemia arises at deficit of folic acid. The isolated deficiency of this vitamin is met rather seldom, unlike pernicious anemia at which together with B12 vitamin deficiency often there is also folic acid deficiency, the exchange of these substances is interconnected.

Folic acid is responsible for intestinal absorption of B12 vitamin. It is also called B9 vitamin. It is contained in vegetable products – fresh greenery, especially spinach. Some quantity of folic acid is contained in fish, eggs, and dairy products. Heat treatment of products containing folic acid leads to loss of vitamin half. Folic acid “is quickly washed away” from organism, approximately in 5 weeks, folic acid deficiency anemia may develop in few months of its insufficient supply to organism.

The patient with ffolic acid deficiency anemia is flaccid, sedentary. Frequency of heartbeats is increased. The skin has an unhealthy appearance, hair and fingernails are dim, fragile. Hair quickly turns gray, fingernails are bent, mild yellowing of skin and white of the eyes.

Temperature can rise to 38 degrees. Tongue is affected: eating hot nutrition causes pain, the outer covering of tongue becomes smooth, as if varnished. Inflammatory processes develop in stomach and intestine. Functioning of internals is broken.

Besides folic acid deficiency in food carcinoma of the stomach atrophic gastritis, helminthiases, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, long taking of analgesics, consequences of operations on intestine (especially excision of its appreciable pieces) can cause folic acid deficiency anemia.

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