Diet At Anemia

Diet is a main key to reach a success in treatment of anemia. Generally, the ration of the patient has to consist of not refined and raw products. The diet for people suffering of anemia should correspond to certain rules. The following tips will help you to choose balanced ration.

1. Limit the use of dairy products as they reduce natural ability of human organism to absorb iron and some other useful substances. The same concerns tea and coffee. Orange juice, to the contrary, increases this ability.

2. At the availability of damages of an oral cavity (cracks, wounds) avoid using too hot and spicy food.

3. Fresh or dried apricots, plums, peaches can promote hemoglobin content increase. Grapes, raisin and apples carry out the same function but their effect is not so strong. Whole wheat flour and porridge are useful for normalization of hemoglobin level .

4. The fruit, vegetables and greens are rich with vitamin C (citrus, green onions, parsley) and help iron absorption.

5. Vegetables with brightly green leaves have the highest iron content.

6. Eating eggs prevents human organism to absorb iron from other food.

7. Bananas are very rich with iron and their regular use normalizes hemoglobin level in blood.

8. Honey promotes fast uptake of iron.

9. Using food rich with iron it is recommended to wash it down with acidic juice from oranges, pomegranate, grapefruit, apple or a lemon. The matter is that in acidic medium iron is quicker absorbed by human organism.

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